H and H Marine - Outboard motor "professional" NOT RECOMMENDED

Austin, Texas 0 comments

High dollar outboard rebuild cratered within a few hours of use.Firm had a bad attitude, refused to repair without me paying additional $$ despite rebuild being well within the 'comprehensive warranty' period.

Threatened me with a mechanics lein if I did not cough up more money. Threatened me with lawsuit for posting a negative review. Still did not run after second round of repairs and more money. Found: loose, missing and stripped bolts; melted electrical wires; missing overheat alarm sending unit; mis-adjusted choke; loose and leaking carb bowl; torn fuel pump diaphram; missing fuel hose clamps and more.

"NOT IN GOOD STANDING" status with state comptroller for failure to remit collected sales tax (verify through public records check).NOT RECOMMENDED!!

Review about: Warranty Period.

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